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Winch Line

Winch Line

Wire line replacement with synthetic fibre ropes offers significant strength, handling and safety benefits. We offer the complete range of Marlow's Dynaline, constructed from high strength, lightweight UHMPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene).

Designed as a state-of-the-art alternative to steel wire winch lines on off-road 4x4s and recovery vehicles, Dynaline offers significantly quicker and safer deployment and recovery than traditional steel wire, virtually eliminating dangerous recoil if fittings or attachments fail or in the unlikely event of line failure.

At the same time the higher breakload for any given diameter offers a greater safety factor or the possibility to downsize the rope allowing a longer length to be fitted on the winch.

Dynaline Max takes the wire replacement concept of Dynaline a stage further by incorporating Marlow's ‘Max’ super pre-stretching process, offering greater strength and lower stretch than a standard Dynaline rope.

At Boatropes we can make a Dyneema winch cable that fits any drum. Simply tell us your current wire diameter and we will splice in a wire tail to fit your drum. Please contact us with your requirements.


Dynaline Max

Dynaline Protech

D12 Plus