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Mooring Ropes

Mooring Ropes

When moored at anchor, the safety and security of your vessel is entirely dependent on the quality of the lines deployed.

Ensuring such lines are of the highest quality and up to the task required brings peace of mind to both boat owner and crew.

Selecting an anchor warp such as Marlow’s Multiplait Nylon or a Marlow Pre-Spliced Dock line is a wise investment in protecting a valued asset.

Boats can unattended for 80% of the time they are moored, and many insurance claims can be refused when ineffective and inappropriate mooring lines have caused damage.

In addition, worn and poor quality lines can be more difficult to handle and can pose safety risks to crew.


It is quite astounding the number of boat owners that use “The old ropes” to moor the boat when in fact they are performing the most important task of all, whilst the vessel is unattended.

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