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Marlow D2 Racing 75 Classic

Marlow D2 Racing 75 Classic
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Type: D2 Racing 75 Classic (per metre)
Manufacturer: Marlow
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12 Strand Dyneema ® SK75 core | 24 plait polyester cover

The solid white and natural colours of the Classic Series mask the use of exotic materials and high tech manufacturing processes, blending perfectly with the teak decks, wooden spars and polished fittings of any classic craft.

Dyneema is one of the lightest and strongest technical fibres in production.
The 12 Strand Dyneema core is coated with Marlow's new Armourcoat to improve adhesion between core and 16 plait Polyester cover giving outstanding performance and improving abrasion resistance when uncovered.


Dyneema core is light weight - reduces onboard weight and makes the rope easier to handle.

Dyneema core is high strength - upgrade polyester halyards by choosing a smaller diameter and achieve further weight savings and handling improvements.

Marlow Pre-stretched core is standard - results in very low stretch and far fewer rig adjustments when sailing.

Polyester jacket provides superior performance in clutches and jammers and gives excellent abrasion resistance and greater longevity.

Easily spliced and tapered for a safer rig and further weight saving.

Colours available:

Natural or Solid White


Halyards | Sheets | Guys | Control lines | Out/downhauls | Reefing lines | Runner-tails | Vang | Furlers

Diameters & specification:


Diameter mm








Average Break Load (kg) 3487 5360 6940 9274 11592 14919      
Weight (kg/100m) 3.90 5.92 9.29 11.66 14.69 19.10      
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Marlow D2 Racing 75 Classic
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Marlow D2 Racing 75 Classic
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