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Ropes have many applications and arboriculture is one industry that has made great use of them in the cultivation and management of trees.

Marlow is a leading manufacturer of ropes for arboriculture, with a wide range of lines designed for tree surgeons and tree climbers. Ropes can be used for rigging as well as to support boughs and buttresses of trees. All come with serial numbers to ensure their originality and quality.

Boatropes stocks the Gecko climbing rope, considered the best tree climbing rope since its introduction. 

Another useful rope in arboriculture is multiplait nylon, which is suitable for securing trees and other plants. Made from 8 strands of woven nylon it is very durable while being flexible and elastic, making it ideal for securing large trees. It is also soft to handle so preventing friction burns. It is also very easy to splice to chain.

Multiplait nylon is also available in a range of different diameters to meet your needs.